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"The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past,
you can't go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches."

"Live life like you're going to die today, dream like your going to live forever."

"Life is not an easy matter....
You cannot live through it without falling into frustration and cynicism
unless you have before you a great idea which raises you above
personal misery, above weakness, above all kinds of perfidy and baseness."

"Life - Nobody gets out alive!"


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I wanna say: ''i give up."
but i just couldn't do it.

My feelings are kind of fading.
shouldn't i be happy?
but instead, i am not happy.
i don't want lose it.

and people. I'm sorry that I'm totally not a good person.

i hurt you all. :(
You all may forgive,but the guilt inside of my heart will always be there.

I'm sorry if i screamed or shouted at you.
I was just in a bad mood or pissed max that i have to shout.

I'm sorry if i cry.
making people worried, :/

I'm sorry if i said i don't tell people my secrets and you got hurt aw that.
sometimes i said that but i still tell.

Well, I'm also sorry for not being a happy smiling person.

I'm a person who cannot easily forget things.
not one who will give up on it.

Not that i have changed.
this is always me.

Ittai yo.~

Sometimes all i want to do, is to just cry all out.
Every single thing, pouring it all out.

Tears just seems to flow out endlessly, no end to it.


No forever, Only lies.


& I'm just only fooling myself.
That you will no longer ignore me.

What a fool was I,
to believe in the impossible,
hoping it to come live,
& wishing every single day.

I know it never will happen...
But i just hope something, like a miracle will happen.

I don't know why,
I just couldn't give up on hoping, on dreaming, on wishing...on you.
I hate myself, for keep hoping for the impossible...
It just makes me thinks that it will happen, no matter how unrealistic it is.

& you know...
I hated how, people all trusted me, & tell me their secrets.
But i never tell them, i make them feel untrusted too.

I'm sorry, . #

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Just finished Seiga no Mikata, & Prince of Tennis Movie.
Really really liking Hongo already ♥
Idk why, just, attracted to him ! xD !


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You are the regret in my life.

You know. . . i do wish i was another regret of yours.
you have three regrets in your life.
make it four - me.

idk how to talk to you anymore.
you know how i feel already.

you know. . . you make me hate friendly people.
cuz too nice. . . till you can't help but to take a liking towards them.

you make people wanna stay away from people of the same zodiac sign of you.
they might end up the same as you.
Ignoring me just when i trusted you so much,
when i still wanna talk more,
when you are finally someone i need to have as i can tell you so much about my secrets.

but i just don't hate you.
i said i hate i hate but i cant.

how to hate you?
no matter what you do i wont.

If you ever tell me you're sorry. . .
or talk to me.

i won't die regretting anything.
maybe im exaggerating but that's somewhat the truth?

Now if work were to be reading, i would be so embarrassed.
i will not be able to face you.

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I should have keep Msn chat history ._. ! Dammit.

& I swear  I don't feel as much as it now. ;x
I don't really want to lose the feeling thoughhh ~

Will feel so empty without it, -sigh.
But yeah, it also doesn't mean i feels good with it -.- ;
make me feel so depressed, but yet, still, grr, idw to lose it.

Dammit. x;
i hate it, i hate it, i hate it.  =________________=||

Why must my life be like this? 
I wanna smile too, i wanna be a person without such a worry too.
If you hadn't do anything, but you know, i don't feel right blaming you ~ 

I actually think i'm disgusting for saying all these ;laughs.
Doesn't feel right feeling this way, x;

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Looking at it. . . idk if it makes me sad or happy.

Everything was so nice back then.

now? its not that much.

you give me the answer to a question without the solutions.

You wished Happy birthday to me last year.
but this year, no longer.

i hate it and I'm not giving up in forcing you to tell me why.

i feel that its so irresponsible of you to just tell me don't bother.

I still remember how i emo straight for two weeks and my friends all asked me why.

hah. maybe if you didn't do all these.
i definitely won't get mad won't cry. . . won't feel so terrible.

you idiot. . . cutting connections with me. . .

You know what?
you are my first regret.


in my life.

you make it pretty and then you just crushed it.

so much trust in you, yet you still break the promise you made.

You said you will never do this!

you should be glad that no matter how bad you treat me how much i hated it.

i will never hate you.

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Aren't I silly? All because of what I saw in a stranger's phone, fairy godmother.
Hey i know it's lame, but still, yeah, and I was like WTF ?! when i saw it.
The day after, my rubber bands were missing, it's like, obviously i've placed them on the table.
I even placed it just right before i slept.

Guess what? Both, gone. Even my spare rubber band.
Had 2 missed calls from unknown later on.
& stupid enough, i believed it was "fairy godmother".

Gosh. i feel so stupid in believing that it exist, and will grant my wish. -.-