itou_airi (itou_airi) wrote,

Ittai yo.~

Sometimes all i want to do, is to just cry all out.
Every single thing, pouring it all out.

Tears just seems to flow out endlessly, no end to it.


No forever, Only lies.


& I'm just only fooling myself.
That you will no longer ignore me.

What a fool was I,
to believe in the impossible,
hoping it to come live,
& wishing every single day.

I know it never will happen...
But i just hope something, like a miracle will happen.

I don't know why,
I just couldn't give up on hoping, on dreaming, on wishing...on you.
I hate myself, for keep hoping for the impossible...
It just makes me thinks that it will happen, no matter how unrealistic it is.

& you know...
I hated how, people all trusted me, & tell me their secrets.
But i never tell them, i make them feel untrusted too.

I'm sorry, . #

P/S: *Added 14 new songs, enjoy [: ♥


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