July 10th, 2011


(no subject)

You are the regret in my life.

You know. . . i do wish i was another regret of yours.
you have three regrets in your life.
make it four - me.

idk how to talk to you anymore.
you know how i feel already.

you know. . . you make me hate friendly people.
cuz too nice. . . till you can't help but to take a liking towards them.

you make people wanna stay away from people of the same zodiac sign of you.
they might end up the same as you.
Ignoring me just when i trusted you so much,
when i still wanna talk more,
when you are finally someone i need to have as i can tell you so much about my secrets.

but i just don't hate you.
i said i hate i hate but i cant.

how to hate you?
no matter what you do i wont.

If you ever tell me you're sorry. . .
or talk to me.

i won't die regretting anything.
maybe im exaggerating but that's somewhat the truth?

Now if work were to be reading, i would be so embarrassed.
i will not be able to face you.

(no subject)

Just finished Seiga no Mikata, & Prince of Tennis Movie.
Really really liking Hongo already ♥
Idk why, just, attracted to him ! xD !