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011 : Started out bad, ended up good

The day started out bad, but oh well, everything ended up great, & I have learn a lesson.
Now I finally finally start to treasure people, ♥ A good thing, aren't?

Recently, I have also been spamming watch Akb48 videos, & you know what?
I've grown to like them, more than I did previously.

When I tried to get into Akb48 while watching Akbingo, I seriously don't think they're fun, etc.
I then realize you need to know not only one or two of the members, but more, then you will start liking them ♥

Ah, no worry, I won't abandon my Arashi fandom okie ! 
They're my rainbows, without them I'll be living in darkness ;A;

009 : AKB48 ♥

Team A

Team K

Team B

I'm loving all of the teams. ♥ Their songs are all super nice (Y)
& I don't know why the Team K video is wider than the other two, O: .

I can say I'm a fan of Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko, Watanabe Mayu, ♥ ~
My super bias from each team,

I have to start memorizing every single members, ;laughs.
Team A first, then Team K, follow by Team B.

Hopefully I can remember the team members fully, ( ^V^ ) ~