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004 : Oh hello !!

Went to study with Apple just now. I swear, I SWEAR, the burger is delicious like bad ♥W♥ ! Owww, and the drink is like, so fucking huge?! Oh well, and it cost $2.40 only, it cost less than my tiny little burger ! D: . 

Oh well, sure sure, I DID STUDIED. But however, i still cannot remember. I didn't put in enough effort then. :(( ! Gosh, screw meeee, shoot meee ! - someone volunteer and bangbang me - Oops, I'm deadddd.

I swear I'm being so lame and childish right now. I can't believe I even have the guts to say it. XXX: Apple came to my house later on, and blahblah, I'm going to change my hairstyle. Hopefully no one say I act cute or something, because I swear I didn't act. Okay, if you say I am a Japanese - wannabe, yeah, I'm fine with it. Cuz I'm trying to LOOK like one, despite me failing many times OO:

Reading Sakurahime kaden, Chibi Vampire&Watashi no ookami-san right now, :))

Sakurahime kaden - Well, it didn't really bore me, but that doesn't mean I really like it. the art is pretty, story is sort of interesting. I still can't believe -spoiler- the princess is actually a demon. Ohwell, life sucks for her =3= . & I thought she'll fall in love with the messenger instead of the prince or king, but however, the messenger is the prince or king. Gosh. -end of spoiler-

Chibi Vampire & watashi no ookami-san - Haven't tried yet, but i still put "Reading" LOL. Okay, I seriously cheat people's feelings !! X: