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015 : Untitled.

Either I'm too lazy to think of one, or i just don't know what title this post.
Anyways, this post is gonna be RANDOM O:

I love cycling. I think I could cycle all day long, ♥
But I'll get tanned, I dislike that. </3

Burned calories, yet gained back all, ;sigh, hopeless me ~
I was so happy, haha ! Thought what was wrong during these 3 days...
And these 3 days, I realize I keep cry, quarrel etc ~
But today i didn't, and i saw it ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Lalala, I'm mad happy now ~ (:
I dislike i dislike.

It means me having to study study study like how a loner is in their lala-dark-world. D: 
And doing dnt, -cough- stress headache brain bleed -cough-