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016 : New hairstyle

My hair is much more shorter now TT-TT
I still think I look like mushroom, but ohwell, I'll get used to it soon ;wink.
& you can see my pimple here lmaos ! 

I just smile, face down, & hold my hair, and it turns out like this, seems a bit act cute though.


You won't see me online that much, BUT BUT BUT I still will.

The reason why? Because I need to buck up for my studies, that's why.

Yeah, size is large in case you guys don't see it, LOLLOL.

005 : Shiiit.

I did not update any yesterday, well, because I was studying ~ But I have no confidence in all of my subjects... Despite how much I studied yesterday. Guess last minute studying is real bad. I am so disappointed in myself. DDD: I swear after MYE, I'm gonna study like, at least 5 hours per each day. 

Don't care if I am stressed or what, ;sigh. I have to do my best, if not, I won't get promoted to Secondary 5. 

Ah, I wonder why am I making myself even more depressed... And I wanna pierce two more holes in my left ear, and one more on my right ear. My friends say I starting to turn ahlian, =3=

1. Dyed my hair.
2. Change hairstyle, look like one or smth.
3. Gonna pierce earholes.

But that doesn't mean I am one what, also, I don't behave like one XX: But yeah, I'm glad they say look I like japanese girl ♥W♥ I keep saying, "No lah. Really ah? Hehehee." or "Thankyouuu!:D" I am really very happy, sigh. Not many people compliment me... Even those who did are already gone. :(( 

And this year, hah, I wonder why my father celebrated Mother's Day too... In my entire life, he did not, not even once. Same goes for celebrating my birthday, he'll sit in one corner and hear my family members singing for me birthday song.

Last year he did, this year, he celebrated Mother's Day... And once again, he say, "I don't know if I can even celebrate next year."  This make me think that he is dying or something .__. My mother did say something like this, but you cannot really feel anything. Like she just say it cuz she's angry or something.

But my dad, he said it with a happy face... He was smiling. I think inside he is crying. He just dare not show it. He must be missing us like mad, if he were to be gone someday... I don't know. I feel that he is being serious about it. Last year my birthday too, he even celebrated with champagne. X: and say the same thing.

Sometimes, he'll play emo songs, and sing. Songs which goes like, "I love youuu ~~ you know i love you.~" sort of thing... That... ;argh. I can't believe i'm crying .__.

004 : Oh hello !!

Went to study with Apple just now. I swear, I SWEAR, the burger is delicious like bad ♥W♥ ! Owww, and the drink is like, so fucking huge?! Oh well, and it cost $2.40 only, it cost less than my tiny little burger ! D: . 

Oh well, sure sure, I DID STUDIED. But however, i still cannot remember. I didn't put in enough effort then. :(( ! Gosh, screw meeee, shoot meee ! - someone volunteer and bangbang me - Oops, I'm deadddd.

I swear I'm being so lame and childish right now. I can't believe I even have the guts to say it. XXX: Apple came to my house later on, and blahblah, I'm going to change my hairstyle. Hopefully no one say I act cute or something, because I swear I didn't act. Okay, if you say I am a Japanese - wannabe, yeah, I'm fine with it. Cuz I'm trying to LOOK like one, despite me failing many times OO:

Reading Sakurahime kaden, Chibi Vampire&Watashi no ookami-san right now, :))

Sakurahime kaden - Well, it didn't really bore me, but that doesn't mean I really like it. the art is pretty, story is sort of interesting. I still can't believe -spoiler- the princess is actually a demon. Ohwell, life sucks for her =3= . & I thought she'll fall in love with the messenger instead of the prince or king, but however, the messenger is the prince or king. Gosh. -end of spoiler-

Chibi Vampire & watashi no ookami-san - Haven't tried yet, but i still put "Reading" LOL. Okay, I seriously cheat people's feelings !! X:

003 : =3=

Going to eat lunch with Apple  & study while eating. :)) LOL, I stay at home, I'll get tempted to play. Phew, luckily she suggested this idea, or else I would be still using my computer using it until night time ;lol. yeah, I'm that dumb to not even think about this idea. LOL.

And yeah, I got very irritated, but now I've calmed down. yesterday was Mother's day, right? The cake looks real good ! :D ♥ It's taste never disappoint ! :P So delicious  that I really want to get another serving of it, but well, cannot be too greedy ! Plus I ate so much yesterday. My stomach must be crying right now, hahaha !

Oh yeah, yesterday was trying this manga, Nagatachou strawberry. It didn't really got my interest, so I stopped reading it. But the art was pretty nice ♥.